Pitbull Dozer Blades - A Rebrand with Bite


When it starts to feel like a dog-eat-dog world out there, it might be time to refine and strengthen your product’s brand personality.  At Effective Edge, we make sure our clients - and the products they sell - have logos and branding that will transform their business and give them an edge in the marketplace.

When the Pitbull Dozer Blades logo was ready for a refresh, we designed an updated logo that would help improve its brand position as a premier product with a rugged personality.

Taking inspiration from an automotive badge, we added extra details to the Pitbull logo, including beveled angles and strong lines.  By incorporating darker grey tones into the design, the logo takes on a heavier and robust character – aligning perfectly with the strength of a Pitbull blade.

With the new product logo complete, we also created product decals, redesigned the Pitbull Dozer Blades website and updated two product brochures with the new brand look.  Adding in the new tagline, “A Farmer’s Best Friend,” Pitbull Dozer Blades is ready to be the top dog for silage, dirt and snow applications.

To view the new Pitbull Dozer Blades website, visit http://pitbullblades.com.

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