Account Executive, Partner

Jeff has always had an interesting blend of entrepreneurism and artistic expression bound up in his DNA. Little did he realize how well those two traits fit together as a business model called an ‘advertising agency.’ As a founding partner of Effective Edge along with David Becker, Jeff has enjoyed the fun challenges of continuously being creative for over fifteen years. Finding ways of communicating, developing the big ideas and working with a talented team that has the horsepower to implement the plan is what drives him to keep finding new ways of marketing for their clients.



Account Executive, Partner

Thinking, strategizing and thinking again is the cunning strength of David Becker’s marketing brain. Seeing the big picture and then being able to understand the leverage points that make a great marketing strategy successful is David’s approach to producing result for clients. Co-founding Effective Edge with Jeff Brubacher over fifteen years ago gives David unparalleled experience in many facets of marketing that all wrap together to provide full-service solutions.



Account Manager

Keeping up the pace of implementation to project completion is Dave’s hawk-eye attention to detail. The many components of any new marketing strategy or tactic is always under the calm control of Dave. With unflinching nerve, Dave stares straight on to any website project, print material or multimedia campaign knowing each step between here and done. Add in his ability to work up creative copy writing, taglines, and concept sketches, Dave works to clearly communicate each marketing campaign with the end-user’s reaction in mind.



Account Manager

Driving projects forward and planning the next play is Corey’s proactive approach to project management. With a strong ability to constantly push the creative scope of any project, Corey skillfully stays on the ball, taking care of the smallest details while keeping a watchful eye on the big picture. Managing a client’s expectations and knowing what they need next before it’s even asked, Corey is always willing to run with an idea and make sure it’s a slam dunk.



Graphic Designer

Shawn never bluffs when it comes to graphic design. With his calm, cool and collected approach, even high stakes projects are handled with ice-cold precision with results that take the house. From local roots to international experience, Shawn uses the many influences that have surrounded him to create impressive work connecting companies and brands with appealing interest and consistency. Shawn’s rhythmic approach to all his work is by no means a broken record—in fact it’s the powerful beat to which graphic design lives.



Graphic Designer

Working her way to success by developing her skills and training to match her career goals and passions, Jenna is building her cred in graphic design with her proficiency in program expertise. With her strong attention to detail and her vast knowledge of our clients’ products, Jenna confidently tackles design tasks with grace and poise. Always open to a creative challenge, Jenna easily shifts from multilingual product catalogues to high-intensity Photoshop file manipulation without skipping a beat.



Graphic Designer

Colin approaches graphic design with syncopated rhythm and timing. Effectively expressing our clients’ visions and brands through the art of design, Colin’s in-tune pulse on trending styles is always accented in his work. Not one to stay on the sidelines, Colin is always eager to tackle problems head first and find a creative solution that works for the team. Harnessing his natural creativity, Colin attacks design projects with intense focus, always looking for a unique angle to strike.



Web Developer

Taking ideas from paper, to screen, to the world wide web, Jeff’s strength for clear, creative communication is well-matched with his strong technical ability. Jeff has a keen eye for detail, developing powerful, interactive websites that not only look good and are easy to navigate but are also reliable and logical. With a high level of knowledge and a wide range of experience in website development, Jeff keeps Effective Edge on the leading edge of online technology and emerging trends.




As the most recent addition to the team, Kathryn hit the ground running, bringing with her a passion for writing and communications.   Always striving to keep pace with new skills and ideas, Kathryn enjoys working collaboratively to find creative solutions for every project so the process doesn’t feel like a marathon.  Whether writing content for websites, producing a magazine, developing product profiles, or posting to social media, Kathryn ensures each project stays on track and successfully reaches the finish line.



Along the base of a snowboard is a continuous sharp metal edge. The length of edge in contact with the snow allows the rider to control the snowboard’s direction without slipping.  Even on the steepest slope the edge cuts in and holds. This is the effective edge.

It is from this simple but critical concept that we, Dave Becker and Jeff Brubacher, realized the purpose our business would serve - to give clients control and direction of their marketing through strategy and implementation. This is Effective Edge Communications. In 2000, after graduating from college and eager to begin our careers, we decided to offer our marketing services to local manufacturing companies in the Elmira, Ontario area. As the digital age burgeoned, demand for graphic design and websites was increasing without anyone servicing this market.  Seizing the opportunity to add real marketing strategy and branding to our clients’ products, word soon spread across the manufacturing and agricultural community that we could help.  Our business began to grow.

Bursting from our tiny one-room office, we relocated to a bigger space and began hiring staff to fill the specialized roles for graphic design and website development. Before long, we added video production and photography to our growing list of professional services, continuing to develop a team of employees who enjoy the challenges of continual learning. In 2015, we moved to our current office in St. Jacob’s, Ontario where we now employ a talented staff of nine.  The marketplace and industries in which we work are different now than when we started, but some things have remained the same.  We continue to provide our clients with unparalleled strategic planning, innovative and creative solutions, and exceptional project implementation.  This is our effective edge.